SDCC 2017: Gentle Giant Exclusives

SDCC is right around the corner and we want to keep you guys up to date with all things collectible!!


Today we are talking about Gentle Giant.  The premier statue and prop company has some pretty awesome stuff planned, so let’s get into it!



Why, why would you want this in your house?  Mocking you, reminding you of what we lost.  With his shit eating grin to that damed bat.  This mini bust is hand painted and hand cast, with a certificate of authenticity.  There is no price yet on Negan, but purely speculation, I would guess around $80.




Skottie Young is one of my favorite artists.  His art on “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” is some of my favorite.  Here we have a statue from his own creation, “I Hate Fairyland”  Gertrude stands not only on top of a dead mushroom, but also at 6.5 inches!





Awwwwww, it’s your friendly neighborhood animated Spider-Man.  Spidey is hand cast, hand painted and limited edition.  He’ll fit in with the rest of your animated Marvel line, as Gentle Giant just released an animated Punisher!




Father and son, am I right?  Luke and Vader are available in this SDCC Bundle and they look spectacular.  This bundle celebrates the 40th anniversary of Star Wars.  Vader looks amazing with his cloak and Luke looks ready to blow up some Death Star in his pilot gear.

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