SDCC 2017: Super 7 Exclusives

We take a peek at what Super 7 has planned for SDCC!

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SDCC is right around the corner and we want to keep you guys up to date with all things collectible!!


Tonight we’re talking about Super 7!  Super 7 is an amazing company that has been producing quailty products, in amazing packaging.  Last year their Masters of the Universe pop up shop was the hit on the weeked, and they have more planned this year.



First up is one of their signature lines, “The Worst”.  These are done is M.U.S.C.L.E. style and will be available at their booth in the show.  They will be in both Green and Blue and available in 3-packs.  $6 per three pack.



Keeping with the M.U.S.C.L.E. theme, we have a four pack of MOTU vehicle sets. These will be available at Skeletors Lair.  We’ll have the address and more info on that at the end. This set will be $18.



In the past Super 7 has released Alien Eggs with Reaction figures inside.  They were AMAZING.  Keeping with M.U.S.C.L.E. we get Ripley and the Alien Queen!  This set is in an exclusive SDCC Yellow and will be $12




Going retro times two.  ReAction is a pretty niche line of figures but they have done some of the best lines including nightmare before christmas and now MOTU.  These will be available for the first time at SDCC and each figure will be $15.



“Masters of the Universe Rudy Obrero 1982 Box Art Portfolio

A collection of 7 high quality 12” x 16” prints featuring the original Masters of the Universe box art oil paintings by legendary artist Rudy Obrero. The collection includes the 6 illustrations from the 1982 boxes, plus a bonus print featuring the preliminary sketch for the Battle Cat box art. These beautiful prints will come in a custom case. Created in collaboration with The Power and The Honor Foundation. Available for the first time at the Skeletor’s Lair pop-up shop .



From the classic “Heavy Metal” we get the Lord of Light, in black and gold variant for SDCC!  He will set you back $15



On top of these amazing exclusives, Super 7 will have Skeletors Lair smack dab in the middle of the Gas Lamp district!

Wednesday – July 19th to Friday – July 21st
701 8th Avenue, San Diego

After Friday, they have a secret event planned for Saturday and Sunday!  So make sure you get over there to check it out!  Super 7 also has MORE planned in terms of SDCC releases, but is still teasing them for now.  So keep an eye HERE and we will keep YOU updated!

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