Overwatch Drops More Lore and News on Doomfist.

Overwatch is an ever-growing game at the moment. Overwatch developer has given update after update, and continues to release content. They have announced and released 3 new characters already Ana, Sombra, and Orisa with each release Blizzard likes to have some fun before the character is fully announced. Sombra had one of the longest ARG’s possible and Orisa definitely had some lasting impressions on one map.

When Orisa launched this case was broken and “The Doomfist” was stolen. Now Orisa launched around mid March. Since then there has been question after question regarding the Doomfist. Now there is more lore to read up on since yesterday overwatch posted this image! Overwatch-Doomfist-news-824676

Along with this post was some fun lore surrounding Doomfist and what has happened with him. We now know that the criminal organization in the Overwatch world Talon freed a man named Akande Ogundimu better known as Doomfist! If you are an Overwatch lore fan Click Here to read the whole story!

Now I am personally excited to finally see Doomfist he has to be the most hyped character that could come to overwatch. Especially after all of the hyping Terry Crews has done.


What about you are you excited for Doomfist to finally be announced? Let us know what you think including stuff on the new lore that’s out there!

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