Baby Driver review

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Edgar Wright is one of the most unique directors ever and has made some of the best movies of recent years including the cornetto trilogy and of course Scott Pilgrim vs the World.


In his latest film Baby Driver, he tells the story of a young getaway driver working to pay off a debt owed to Kevin Spacey. Throughout the course of the film you see baby fall in love and try to escape his life of crime all while being treated to incredible car action that would put the Fast and Furious movies to shame.


The script is also phenomenal as baby suffers from tinnitus and hears a constant ring in his ears which he drowns out with music. The movie takes that idea and constructs every single scene around it. The edits and cuts flow with the music and creates a whole new kind of movie, almost a sort of radio musical. Regardless of the term you use, it still works perfectly to create an exciting and at times hilarious film that explores the world of getaway driving and if you can ever truly escape completely free. I haven’t even talked about the supporting cast which all give incredible performances and look like they had an absolute blast making this movie. John Hamm and Jamie Foxx are the stand outs providing a burst of energy in every single scene they are in.


My only gripe with the movie is the ending specifically the character motivations and how they seem to shift from the last time we saw certain characters. It’s a very minor gripe in a movie this great because walking out I wasn’t thinking about that. I was thinking about how much fun that was and how I can’t wait to see it again. This movie definitely gets my recommendation and his one of the best movies of 2017. The summer movie season is now in full force.

Baby Drives all the way home to a perfect rating.


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