Funko Pop!-Up Shop SDCC 2017 Reveals Part 1: Get Animated!

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448 West Market Street in the Marina District
(directly across from the Grand Hyatt Manchester)
Thursday-Sunday, July 20-23, 2017
Funko revealed their Pop!-Up Shop for yet another year at SDCC! This year the theme is Get Animated! Funko teamed up with Warner Brother’s Consumer Products to bring all of us some more heat this year at SDCC. A few characters are new to the Funko family, while others you guys will recognize from lines we have recently been seeing! 🙂 Let’s go!

First Announcement from Part 1


Hanna-Barbera Astronauts Dorbz 4-pack! 

Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, and Mr. Jinx

More Dorbz multipacks! Happy about these?? This one a 4-pack from Hanna-Barbera Astronaut status… Very interesting. Hahaa. It is limited to 1,000 pieces. Making it a hard grab unless you plan to visit the Pop!-Up Shop.. Let me know if you’re going? 😉


These guys look amazing! I really love all Funko products with the clear “helmets”, they all look so good and so well done! These are so cute. Haha. I love the Dorbz push lately! Everyone gonna have at least one Dorbz they want this year! In my opinion..

Second Announcement


Jester Bugs Bunny & Knight Yosemite Sam Dorbz 2-pack!

More Looney Tunes Dorbz! If your wallet wasn’t already crying.. I am sure it is now… This 2-pack is limited to 2,700 pieces. Saturday Morning Cartoons exclusives. I love the sticker!! I love the Looney Tunes boxes..


These 2 are adorbzable together! Seriously.. I love the looooong ears with bellz for Bugs and the knight uniform on Yosemite Sam just kills it! I think these 2 are portrayed absolutely stunningly! I kind of need….. FML.

Third Announcement


Marvin the Martian (Neon Orange)!

The first of THREE Marvin the Martian’s announced this reveal, in a neon orange outfit and limited to 1,000 pieces for the neon orange version. Do you guys like that there’s 3 of one character? Or would you have wanted a little more variety of characters?


I really love the color of these, but I really enjoy how the other colors compliment the orange in this figure. I think it looks really cool. It is just normal Marvin the Martian, just different color variations. Very interesting Funko…

Fourth Announcement


Marvin the Martian (Neon Magenta)!

The second of the THREE Marvin the Martian’s, Neon Magenta? Or darkish pinkish hahaha for us dudes. Also the box this one is in says limited to 1,000 but Funko announced it is going to be limited to 2,500 pieces. These 3 are going to be hard to come by, because if you get 1, you’ll probably want all 3 lol. Good luck friendz!


Honestly, kind of my favorite of the 3 lol. I love the neon green broom on his head and the neon green gun, they seriously look amazing! Hahaa. The same EXACT sculpt, of course, but I really enjoy the switching of all the colors. What do you guyz think of these Marvin the Martian’s??

Fifth Announcement


Marvin the Martian (Neon Green)!

The 3rd and final Marvin the Martian from this Get Animated! Part 1. The neon green Marvin the Martian, limited to 1,000 pieces. Green is my absolute favorite color, not really this shade though. Gotta admit….


Just now noticing that the brooms match the gun. Lol. I like how it is the same shades of neon throughout the line, but this green does not appeal to me like the orange. I am unsure why, but maybe it’s too bright?? Am I crazy?? Hahaa. The face detail on these guyz look really good though, and the actual design of these Pop!s are quite spectacular.

Sixth Announcement


Pete Puma!

Limited to only 1,000 pieces! Pete Puma has arrived in Pop! form this year at the Pop!-Up Shop SDCC 2017. Awesome box and all…


I really really enjoy the design they went for with him. I wish they would have made him flocked though… Like there are soooo many flocked Pop!s this year, why wouldn’t they make him flocked unless they are going for an even more elusive one than 1,000 pieces. They better not… lol. That is my only gripe with this Pop!…


Seventh Announcement


Daffy Duck (Super Hero/Superman)!

ANOTHER Looney Tunes announcement this release 🙂 and he is limited to 2,000 pieces! Super Hero Daffy Duck is here to save the day?


Probably my favorite of this whole announcement. Your favorite goofy, crazy, wanna be sly duck is here to try to save the day! I love the way the cape is flowing, and it is different than other capes in the way it flows. I like that they can find multiple ways to make a cape look like it’s waving in the wind. Just shows how awesome Funko is. The eyez on Daffy are my only thing about him… they look kind of scary and piercing. Hahaa. But, he is awesome and probably one of my favorite Looney Tunes characters of all time.

Eighth Announcement


Mr. Hyde & Bugs Bunny Pop! 2-pack

A Looney Tunes 2-pack is here!!! A seriously awesome one at that. Limited to 850 pieces, says Toy Tokyo so maybe exclusive to them? I LOVE THIS 2-PACK!!!


Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and Bugs Bunny! I love that they came out with this 2-pack. I wish Mr. Hyde’s arms were a little bit longer, but they look outstanding!! If you have seen the short episode of them 2 together, these 2 look perfect! This is one they both have taken the red elixir juice and Mr. Hyde keeps trying to kill Bugs Bunny. At the end, Dr. Jekyll confronts Bugs about the missing elixir and Bugs storms about very mad about being accused and then you see Bugs at the park turning into the monster you see here. The eyes look so amazing! I love this 2-pack, kind of need it!

Ninth Announcement


Rock Candy: Wilma Flintstone!

More rock candies here for us Rock Candy fanz! Flintstones themed! She looks to be only a limited edition, so I am unsure if it will be shared or not. Since these are for the Pop!-Up Shop, will these be shared with retailers?? Interesting….


Wilma looks really good as a Rock Candy! Her outfit is very simple, but her hair and stance and the design of her dress look amazing! I really enjoy these Rock Candy figures lately… Another black hole….. Looks exactly like Wilma Flintstones in any rendition of the show/movie and it is just perfect! I love the blue eyez on her. Props to Funko for these.

Tenth Announcement


Rock Candy: Betty Rubble!

The other female in the Flintstones lineup! She looks to be a limited edition. So, I hope we get to see these outside of the Con. But, I really am unsure about these Pop!-Up Shop ones. Let us know???


I really like the design of these Flintstones Rock Candy figures. They executed them perfectly, in my opinion. Her green eyes and hair design look amazing. Her pose and dress are spot on. They killed it with these Rock Candy figurines. I really dig them a lot.. Damn you, Funko!

Final Announcement from Part 1


Rock Candy: Judy Jetson!

More Jetson figures! She looks to be limited to 2,800 pieces. Only going to be available at the Pop!-Up Shop this year. I was always a fan of the Jetsons and really needed all of the dorbz but missed out….. Did you get them??


Rock Candy Judy Jetson looks phenomenal, seriously. They perfected her outfit and these Rock Candy figures, I feel are perfect for the women they selected this release. They look like they’re meant to be Rock Candy figures and they did an amazing job. Her collar and the color of her outfit are spot on! Everything was pulled right off the screen and I can appreciate that sooo much!!! Good job Funko.

The End of Pop!-Up Shop Part 1

What do you guys think of this year’s theme of Get Animated! Funko products?? Some Dorbz, Pop!s, and Rock Candy figures for all of us to want a pieces. Who is going to the Pop!-Up Shop in San Diego this year?? This is my hometown and have never been to the Comic Con, but I will!!! Eventually….

What did you guyz think of this announcement??? I really enjoyed it 🙂 It was a fun one. I am stoked for SDCC to come around. Seems like 100+ Funko products getting announced. Lol. Any musts??? Any disappointments?? We wanna know 🙂

We love you guyz! You’re part of a family and we are happy to have you! Thanks for reading and being here for these updates 🙂 sorry it’s so late too… BYE FAM!!

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