SDCC: Entertainment Earth Exclusives (UPDATE 6/29/17)

As we inch closer and closer to SDCC, we here at Frankenculture want to make sure you’re informed on the exclusive goods you can get while you’re there.  Isaiah has been keeping us up to date with all the Funko releases.  Now we’ll venture into the other booths of Comic-Con!


Entertainment Earth has plenty of great licenses that should satisfy any collector.  In the past we’ve seen exclusives from Twilight Zone, Big Bang Theory and Star Trek.  What do they have in store this year? I’ve always been a fan of their exclusives but learned a few years ago, that they almost always ended up on their website or in stores.  This year they’ve seemed to learn from that mistake and almost everything has a limited run!  Let’s get into it!



Super Mario and Princess Peach 2-Pack $15.00


IT’S A ME, IT’S A MARIO.  Well before Mario could talk, and the princess was always in another castle.  This 2-pack comes with said princess as well as our Italian plumber in 8-bit glory.  The packaging sells this for me.  NES on top of an old tube TV!  Although we always kept our NES on the ground so we could rapidly change games.  These figures will fit in with already released 8-bit figures from Mario as well as Zelda.

Star Trek: The Original Series Talking Spock Bobble Head $25.00


Here’s something for the Star Trek fans, a talking Spock bobble head.  The one thing I can say about Bif Bang Pow!s bobble heads is they are quality.  They are usually made of resin and have some weight to them.  Spock is actually limited to a 1500 count and says 6 different phrases from the show.


Thor and Hulk Classic Tiki Tiki Totem Set of 2 $18.00


Hulk SMASH…on top of Thor, who happens to be stacked on the Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman.  EE has a line of these stackable Tiki Tiki Totems featuring a bevy of Marvel and DC stars.  Hulk and Thor are a limited run of 1008 pieces!

Spider-Man Wooden Push Puppet $9.00


So I don’t really know what to say about this.  I’m not sure who this is for?  If EE is trying to make retro toys comeback or what.  I personally don’t dig these at all.  There is a Deadpool one as well.  Both are limited to 492 pieces.

Twin Peaks Welcome to Twin Peaks Sign Monitor Mate Bobble $12.00


I adore Twin Peaks.  I’ve watched the original series multiple times, and I’m waiting for the new season to end so I can steam roll the whole thing.  This classic sign is a mini bobble head that you can stick anywhere with the adhesive pads that are included.  It has a limited run of 1200.

Star Trek: The Next Generation U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Monitor Mate $12.00


If you’re a TNG fan, EE hasn’t left you out.  They have a USS Enterprise Monitor Mate being released.  Complete with bobble action it has a limited run of 350 pieces.

Batmobile Tumbler Camouflage with The Dark Knight Batman and Bane Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set $25.00


EE came out with Pin Mates last year and I just don’t understand it.  We’re in the age of super articulation, and they go the opposite way with these Fisher Price-esque figures.  When they released them last year they had even pitched them as “collectible” which I always feel is a kiss of death.  Batman and Bane are a limited run of 492.

Invisible Jet with Wonder Woman Evolution Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set of 4 $25.00


Wonder Woman and her Invisbile Jet are a limited run of 1200.

Deadpool Wooden Push Puppet $9.00


See Spider-Man.

KISS Destroyer Tin Tote Gift Set $50.00


See here is the correct way to sell your retro pin figures!  Look at this set!  A flask, a lunch box and figures!  AND YOU GET KISS!  This set also has the smallest run of the EE exclusives this year with 360 pieces.

Spider-Man and Green Goblin Pin Mate Wooden Figures with Glider and Stackable Diorama $30.00


I can get behind this display as well.  The packing IS the diorama which I’m a huge fan of.  Spidey and Green Goblin are a limited run of 1000.


Twin Peaks Agent Cooper Bobble Head $15.00



Diane, I’ve become a bobble head with weird eyes.  Again I LOVE twin peaks and I’m excited for all the recent collectibles coming out, but Agent Coopers eyes look so odd on this. Limited Run of 1500.


Batman and Wonder Woman Tiki Tiki Totem Set of 2 $18.00


Keep you Totem growing with this Batman and Wonder Woman Tiki Tiki Totem set!  While not Justice League movie themed, they are Justice League themed!  You can even stack them with Thor and Hulk and anger all the purists! Limited Run of 1008.

Justice League Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set of 3 $15.00


Why?  Limited Run of 520.

The Big Bang Theory / Star Trek: The Next Generation 3 3/4-Inch Figures Set $50.00


Look at this!  BBT and Star Trek mashed all up.  Past cons EE has done BBT with DC shirts so this is a nice change up.  The box turns into a diorama, perfect for displaying.  You get Sheldon as Commander Data, Leonard as Captain Picard, Raj as Lt. Worf  and Howard as a Borg.  Limited Run of 2288.


There we have it.  Entertainment Earth’s exclusives for this year.  Nothing that is making me rabid to own.  Still some good stuff though.  What’re your thoughts?  Are you skipping EE’s booth for something else this year?  Let us know and we’ll be back with more exclusives soon!

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