SDCC 2017: Funko Wave 9

We’re back with another installment of Funko SDCC Exclusives!  Obviously I’m not Isaiah but I’m gonna give it a go!



First we have some characters from Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location.  We get Jumpscare Baby and Funtime Foxy!  Two pretty amazingly sculpted pieces and the detail on the inside is awesome!



Next is someone for the vintage Funko collectors.  Sike-O-Shriner has been around longer than some Funko Funatics have been alive!  He’s back in his Fez wearing leisure jacket having fun self.  This should be very popular with the classic crowd.



HE SPEAKS FOR THE TREES DAMN IT!  The Lorax is taking a break from speaking and protecting the environment (and his horrible movie) to greet us in Pop! form.  The best part is, he’s flocked!  I am a HUGE fan of flocked figures ever since the classic MOTU Moss Man figure!



Speaking of MOTU we get another MOTU Pop!  I LOVE MOTU!  Scareglow is an amazing Pop! and glows in the dark  (naturally).  The sculpt on this piece is pretty awesome as well.  The cape and the staff are awesome.



The next two Pops! are oversized 6″ Pops!  First up, from Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is the Dwarven Colossus!  Dwarven tech is an unknown in the world of Elder Scrolls and they obviously made some HUGE beasts to protect whatever is in those ruins of theirs.



STOP THAT, STOP DROOLING AT THIS POP!  The MEGAZORD is finally here!  You can display this piece with your other Rangers!  Hopefully Funko has plans for some villains soon.  How cool would a classic Goldar be, there could be a winged chase!  This Pop! captures the tone and feeling of the show and makes me all warm inside.



He-man isn’t the only one with the power!  She-Ra is here and ready to take on Hordak!  The Rock Candy line is awesome.  The design and the sculpts are always on point and really capture the character in a fun way.  Now we just need a Swift Wind companion!



Last up is my favorite from this wave.  Dorbz Ridez Skeletor and Panthor!  LOOK HOW CUTE SKELETOR IS.  LOOK AT HIM!  It also looks like Panthor is flocked, so I’ll be selling my first born to get my grubby little hands on this piece.  The Dorbz line has really grown on me.


So there we go, the miscellaneous wave!  They should’ve called this the MOTU wave with some other chumps!  What’re you guys excited for?  What’re you guys hoping they announce next?  Keep an eye on Frankenculture for all the newest announcement for comic con and beyond!

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