SDCC: Mattel Exclusives

As we inch closer and closer to SDCC, we here at Frankenculture want to make sure you’re informed on the exclusive good you can get while you’re there.  Isaiah has been keeping us up to date with all the Funko releases.  Now we’ll venture into the other booths of Comic-Con!

Mattel has always been a SDCC anchor.  They’ve had some of the greatest exclusive releases from lines like WWE, Masters of the Universe and Horror High!  Let’s see what they have cooking this year.


Mega Construx Destiny SDCC 2017 Iron Song Ghost Shell $40.00

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Get primed for Destiny 2 release with this awesome Mega Construx Iron Song Ghost.  This ghost lights up when set on the stand or when you activate it.  The packaging is probably my favorite part.  The box and interior design is amazing. Thankfully it does not include Peter Dinklage voice chip.


Disney•Pixar Cars 3 The Making of Cars 3 Lightning McQueen Die-Cast Vehicle 3-Pack $30.00

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Cars 3 was just released and you can celebrate it with this 3-pack of Lightning McQueens.  The cars go from each step of creation for Lightning.  From thought, to proto to finished product.  These aren’t the type of matchbox cars you would bury in the backyard and forget where they are for 5 years.

Hot Wheels 2017 Marvel Spider-Man Spider-Mobile $15.00

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Here is an interesting exclusive.  It’s the Spider Mobile from Hot Wheels!  1 in 5 though have been swapped out by a mischievous Deadpool!  He includes a note of apology as well.  The packaging again really pops out as the window shows off the Spider (or Dead) Mobile peeking through a page of a comic book!


Hot Wheels 2017 Exclusive Justice League Batmobile $25.00


Celebrate the Justice League movie with this awesome Hot Wheels version of the Batmobile.  The packaging is so secret that they are NOT releasing it yet.  This particular product is available for pre-order.


Justice League Cyborg Origins Figure $25.00

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Keeping with the Justice League theme we go to the Cyborg Origins figure.  Packaging like this is my favorite.  A button on the box activates sound and lights as you open it.  This particular product is still available for pre-order.


DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman & Cheetah Dolls $45.00

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Here we see a Horror High type series featuring the girls of DC Comics.  The packaging features a few panels of comic that most likely strings (or golden lassos) the story together of why they are dressed in EXCLUSIVE outfits.  Cheetah comes with a cell phone, probably for…..calling evil?  This particular product is still available for pre-order.


An alright showing from Mattel.  It’s weird not seeing any WWE exclusive (last year they did the Shockmaster!) or MOTUC.  Maybe they’ll have some big announcements in their panels this year.  Speaking of you’ll be able to get all that info and more right here, on Frankenculture!

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