Overwatch News and Rewards.

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Overwatch’s fan base is HUGE! After hitting the 30 million player mark they’re still busy making updates to there ever-growing game. This article is here to talk about the most recent and notable announcements!

twitch-primeBlizzard and Twitch Prime have announced a 2 year agreement, for 3rd party streaming rights to some Blizzard esport events. With that agreement fans are being awarded for having Twitch Prime accounts. From June 20th to August 10th you will be able to link you Twitch prime and Blizzard accounts to unlock the Golden Loot Box and 10 free loot boxes! The gold loot box has a guaranteed legendary drop, and then 10 free loot boxes on top of that is amazing!(11 loot boxes cost $10)  A quick little tip for people that didn’t know. If you are an Amazon Prime user, and you link your Twitch account to you Amazon account it does upgrade Twitch to Twitch Prime! So go out there and get those loot boxes guys!

OMXUJZO7X3VS1496252570906Also as of today (June 22, 2017) the Overwatch dev. team announced a new patch is in the works! We just received patch 1.12 which gave us the new Horizon Lunar Colony map some buffs (Reaper, Mccree)  and nerfs (Roadhog) a few days ago, and now were already going to be getting a new one. Tons of new features including the anticipated save your highlight feature! Other new features include New customizable reticles, a bunch of game bugs, and my favorite there finally fixing loot boxes! The team is finally gonna drop the rate at which you get duplicates so earning all the skins and emotes should be a lot easier now! Please check out this video from the PlayOverwatch youtube channel where Jeff Kaplan explains all the updates that will be tested!

I am so excited to get as many new items as I can! What about you are you looking forward to this new patch? Let us know what you think!


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