SDCC 2017: Funko Wave 8

SDCC 2017 is looking pretty good so far! Funko wise and other toy companies definitely! I am soooo stoked. hahaa. This week, we got 1 announcement Monday and then Disney wave today, Wednesday! Let’s check them out fam…

Monday’s Announcement


Rick & Morty: Tinkles / Ghost in a Jar!

A lone announcement for 2017 SDCC! Interesting that it was alone, if you ask me. Tinkles and Ghost in a Jar look to be Limited Edition, so hopefully pretty available to you Rick & Morty fanz! Stoked for this one??


Tinkles looks sooo cute. Hahaa. I love the detail in its head and skirt, it looks soo good. The rainbow horn and her smile are the best! The Ghost in a Jar looks exactly like the Pint Size Hero of it Haha. Re-use?? It looks so good floating in the jar and right next to Tinkles, they are a good pair together. Love this Exclusive! Does Ghost in a Jar glow???

Wednesday’s First Announcement


Mr. Toad!

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride: Mr. Toad, looks really good! It is limited to only 1,500 pieces. So most likely only available to people at the Con.. Another one that is gonna make some people sad, I feel like.


Based on the dark ride at DisneyWorld in Orlando. It is one of the only rides open that was open at the grand opening on DisneyWorld in 1955. Pretty wild and cool. It is one of those rides good for all ages and I really enjoy they Pop! they were able to make based on it. The detail in its clothes and hands are amazing to me. I can appreciate this Pop!

Second Announcement


Chip and Dale (Flocked 2-pack)

Another Chip’n’Dale Pop! 2-pack has arrived! This one flocked and they’re naked. Hahaa. It is a Summer Convention Exclusive, so it will be available to most of us!! I really like them flocked together! They’re chipmunks, like come on! Haha.


The schemer and the dim-wit. Hahaa. The perfect pair! I love this 2-pack. Just their regular chipmunk selves without clothes AND FURRY! It is amazing! I love that they have their cool stripes on their backs. They look so good!

Third Announcement


Negatron (Glow-in-the-Dark)!

GITD Negatron is announced. He is a Limited Edition (Summer Convention Exclusive) hopefully available to us! What do you guys think of him? I know a lot of people are loving the Darkwing Pop!s. Here’s another for you guyz!


 I really like the Black & White look to him! He looks amazing, like all the Pop!s in this line. They all look amazing. I am trying to keep myself from buying all of them. Hahaa… FML… I wonder how the GITD is going to be? Very interesting..

Fourth Announcement


Jolly Roger (Glow-in-the-Dark)!

Jolly Roger take 2? This one limited to the amount each store got.. Lol. Limited to 1,000 pieces. He will definitely be gone at the Comic Con. People were raving about this guy at D-Street store. Just now glow in the dark casting?


Jolly Roger back again to make you guyz squirm! Hahaa. Just in a GITD casting other than eggshelf bone color? Hahaa. It definitely is dope, but the exact Pop! Glad it is only limited to 1,000 pieces. And I hope all bone parts GLOWWW! Hahaa. It is pretty cool, but the same exact Pop! that just recently came out? Come on, please, some more different Pop!s…

Fifth Announcement


Hei Hei!

More Moana Pop!s and this one is spectacular!! Hahaa.  Hei Hei is here and limited edition, so we should be able to get our handz on this guy pretty easily hopefully! Do you guyz have a lot of Moana Pop!s? What do you think of this one??


Hei Hei here and he looks amazing! I love the huge bulging Pop! eyeballz sticking out. They’re awesome. Hahaa. He is sooo dumb and this looks like it is. It’s perfect and awesome! I hope it is a little smaller than usual Pop and I love how they portrayed this character.

Sixth Announcement


Hopping Tigger (Flocked)!

Winnie the Pooh!! Yaaaaaas! I love that they’re having a bit of EVERYTHINGG this year for Funko. Awesome.. Hopping Tigger looks to be only a Limited Edition, so hopefully pretty easy to scoop up! Who else wants him??? 🙂 He made my list. hahaa.


Childhood feelz right here and it is amazing! I love how he is only on his tail and balancing.. How are they going to have him stand? I am unsure but hopefully it is easy and can be displayed out of box (oob) real good and easy. Hahaa. The flocked is perfect. They shouldn’t even make Pop!s that should be flocked unflocked.. hahaa. Like WTF..

Final 6/21/2017 Announcement


Aladdin & Abu Dorbz Ridez!

Amazing… Funko just keeps coming out with the heat this year and wayz to make our wallets cry Hahaa. Aladdin & Abu Dorbz Ride Limited Edition, so I hope I can get it easily without much hassle.. Hopefully!


I love Aladdin and this set is perfect! Abu is sooo little.. but another Abu dorbz? Should have done the lamp or something? This is a must for me, I love the look of the carpet and it has like the lion Pop! faces on it and it is just amazing. I love the flow of this ridez and it is perfect.

The End of Monday (6/19) and Wednesday (6/21) Wave

Disney and Rick & Morty. Very interesting. Hahaa. I love the look of all the Disney Pop!s, really hitting the feelz with the characters. How do you guyz feel about these?? We want to know your thoughts! What do you think the next waves are going to be?

We love you guyz! Comment and tell us what you think! 🙂

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