EDC 2017: Getting On A Spiritual Level

This past weekend I attended my second Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) and let me tell you it was a magical weekend filled with great vibes, great people, epic lights, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), and even a huge surprise guest for the last day!



EDC came into fruition about 21 years ago in California and in 2011 made its way to the desert here in Las Vegas, Nevada. The EDC festival includes performers, vendors, flashy neon light, carnival rides, and multiple stages. EDC is put on by Insomniac events who specialize mostly in EDM related events. It was estimated that almost 450,000 would attend the festival this past weekend.

Alison Wonderland

The EDC festival features a wide variety of styles of EDM from Bounce, Trance, Trap, Dubstep, Hard-Style, Bass, Techno, and House. Some of the big names to perform this year were Armin Van Buuren, Axwell^Ingrosso, Tiesto, Paul Oakenfolds, Major Lazer, Alesso, Excision, Marshmello and Alison Wonderland just to name a few.

If music isn’t what you want then don’t worry, EDC is filled with many food vendors, merch vendors,and a moving parade featuring many colorful and whimsical performers. EDC even has a nice cool room with pillows and such so you can even take a rave nap if you need it. EDC is not just a summer event, it is a life changing experience so massive and wild that it takes three days just to experience it all and that really doesn’t doesn’t do it any justice. Each day includes a gigantic fireworks show at the halfway point of the night.

Earlier I mentioned a special secret guest or you could say guests. Drake made an appearance at the Basspod stage with Metro Boomin. Lil Jon accompanied Flosstradamus on stage for a surprise appearance. Bay are Rapper/Producer G-Eazy made a stop by at Cosmic Meadow to perform with Juaz.  To end it all on day three Kaskade made a last minute appearance on a smaller stage named Kalliope ARTCAR and performed from 0330 until the festival shut down at 0530. Kaskade was the perfect final touch to seal another great weekend at EDC.

This year at EDC I got witness a personal favorite of mine, Alison Wonderland not only perform once but twice! She had her solo set at Cosmic Meadow which totally blew me away she really brought the fire. She definitely lives up to her mantra “Fuck Me Up On A Spiritual Level” which she indeed fucked me up on a spiritual level. She also performed with Jauz and Diplo  in a B2B on the Kinetic Field stage. It was really something else seeing those three share the stage. If you ever get the chance to go to EDC and Alison Wonderland is playing make sure you check her out she is the real deal.

Another favorite of the weekend was Porter Robinson, though he is a bit different from what I enjoy in EDM I did enjoy the show he put on this year at the Cosmic Meadow stage. He was definitely unique gem to see at EDC this year.

Another two favorites this year are Boombox Cartel or Laredo, Texas and London’s own Wilkinson. They both performed at stage named Basspod as you can imagine that stage is filled with dj’s who bring the bass and dubstep. If headbanging, moshing, and Bass music is your thing then this is the place to be especially with the two I just mentioned.

I had many thoughts going into this year’s EDC. Many thoughts ranging from “Dude, I’m too old to be raging this hard” to ” Three days? Can I do it again?”. Well my friends I did do it all three days, I stayed all night each night until the sun came up. Say what you what you want about rave culture but EDC is really something magical and  dare I say spiritual. In a weird way through bright lights and Electronic Dance Music it brings everyone together. I call it the largest party in the world hell I will go as far as to say largest in the world.  Last year was my first time going and my immediate thoughts “Ugh, I don’t about this, this seems a bit out of my realm”. Yes I know, I was one those people who scoffed at the idea of EDC but I took a chance and the bug caught me. It has really brought me closer with my friends. EDC is all about positive vibes and having a good time and I support both of those.

What I love most about EDC is the diversity and by that I mean the diversity in music, people, genres, and cultures. EDC welcomes all and even if you don’t belong to the rave community you will still feel welcomed and you will most definitely have a great time. You will  have awesome memories you will be thinking about all year  until you decide to go again next year! (Believe me you will want to go again.)

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