SDCC 2017: Funko Wave 7!

Hello… hello.. family! Yet, ANOTHER, wave from Funko this morning the 19th of June! And it revolves around Warner Brothers! Television and movies!!!

Let’s take a closer look, shall we???



The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn & Arwen Pop! 2-pack!

You guys were happy about the new Lord of the Rings Pop!s just being released, well here’s a 2-pack for you Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fanz! It looks to be only Limited Edition, so will most likely become a Summer Convention exclusive and be available to us outside of SDCC. What store do you think this will be shared with??


They look really, really good together! Mortal man Aragorn (doesn’t sound too mortal lol) and immortal Elf Maiden Arwen are here to join the SDCC 2017 Funko Pop! lineup! I love that Aragorn has his sword ready and pipe in hand! Perfect rendition of him, in my opinion! Arwen holding her curved sword, Hadhafang, and her Elf ears showing. I love these two together in a nice boxed 2-pack! I love that Aragorn has dirty boots and the bottom of his jacket is a little muddy. I love the details on these 2!



Fantastic Beasts: Occamy

More Fantastic Beasts Pop!s for you fanz. I know a lot of you Harry Potter fanz out there are happy about this 🙂 More animals from the series and it’s awesome! It looks to be a Limited Edition, so most likely at Barnes & Noble maybe?? We shall see 🙂


Occamy is here and looking amazing! I love the shimmer on it and it looks like an awesome Pop! version of the “animal”. It can shrink and grow to fit the spaces it needs to fit and it is absolutely amazing! They are extremely protective of their eggs, as you should be with this Pop! Good luck fam!!!



Baby with Dean!

A new Pop! ride has arrived!! Baby with Dean driving. 1967 Chevy Impala looking sweet! Another Limited Edition, hopefully to be seen in public by most of us! I gotta admit, this thing is freaking sweet!


I really freaking love the detail on this thing. The exact license plate down to the number and background to all the weapons and markings on the trunk, it’s amazing! And who doesn’t like a ’67 Impala?! In regards to the Dean, it looks exactly like Jensen Ackles! The outfit and pose, it is spot on! What do you guys think about this??



Lincoln As Reaper!

More The 100 Pop!s and I am soooo stoked 🙂 but sooooo sad.. 😦 Does anyone else watch this show?? An exclusive other than the Lexa Chase. He looks to be limited to only 750 pieces…. which absolutely breaks my heart because I don’t think I will be able to get it other than for ridiculous prices… It makes me sad.. Help a brotha out??


Lincoln As Reaper? Weird name.. My girlfriend loves this show and knows details a little more than me. All of the opinion for this Pop! are from her. She didn’t really like how the eyez are red. In the show, they get injected with red liquid from the “Cerebus Project” that makes them strong and absolutely wild. Not sure if his eyez went red though… Wish there was like an injection needle sticking out or something else red. And the name… It should have been “Reaper Lincoln” or something similar. They could have went a tad further with this Pop!, but I definitely approve and need it!!! But, only 750…



Harry Potter on Broom!

You’re a wizard, Harry!! and FLYING! Another Limited Edition for us to enjoy, more accessible than Lincoln… lol. I’m still salty about it… Hahaa. I freaking love this thing!


FINALLY! Harry Potter on his Nimbus 2000 catching a Snitch! Absolutely amazing. It looks like the stand is on the broom. He looks so aggressive and hair blowing in his hair and capes. It is so crazy.. I absolutely am a fan of this guy and need him!!!



Luna Lovegood (with Glasses)!

The other Harry Potter character is also a Limited Edition, hopefully available to most of us! I am such a fan of this Pop!


I am not sure if this is the same sculpt as her regular Pop!, but with glasses? I am glad I never got her before, because I absolutely need this Pop! Her glasses look amazing. I love the detail on the glasses so much, they are amazing! She is holding the Quibble in her hand and ready to be weird and absolutely amazing 🙂

The End of Wave 7

This is a good wave! Warner Bros themed.. I don’t even watch Supernatural really and I want that car! hahaa. I have 3 NEEDZ from this wave! The 2 Harry Potter Pop!s and that mischievous Lincoln… 750 pieces… WTF… hahahaa.

What was your favorite from this wave??? We want to know!!!

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