Hollywood Memorabilia

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I like to consider myself a hobbyist collector. I’m not overly serious about it, but I do find it fun collecting weird little chotchkies, an occasional rare book or comic book, and limited print posters. This often leads me down the internet rabbit hole, browsing eBay late at night and even other higher end auction sites.

profiles in history is one of those more high end auction sites, and they have an upcoming hollywood memorabilia auction coming up in a couple weeks. i spent some time pruning through their listings. Turns out, some of the items they have listed are really interesting. There’s a few items, if money was of no concern to me, I’d love to own. There’s also a few pieces that should be classified under the ‘let us pay you, instead of you pay us, to own this’ category. Without further ado, here’s some of the highlights:

Original silk screen Forbidden Planet poster, $8000


1000+ Vintage Lobby Cards, $1000


King Kong Original Concept Art, $400


Wonka Bar Prop, $8000


Star Trek Original Series Tribble Prop, $1000


Original Sketch of Star Wars A New Hope Poster, $6000


Screen Used Animatronic Aliens Egg, $10000


The Shining Prop Axe, $6000


Stay Puft Marshmellow Man Foot, $800


Spaceballs Dark Helmet, $14000


Spaceballs Winnebago, $20000


Beverly Hills Cop III Annihilator, $2000

How is Arnie’s Mr. Freeze costume $40,000?! It would be pretty great to wear it around saying a bunch of cold puns


I know you must have always wanted this, Tim Allen’s Santa make-up from The Santa Clause.  For the low, low price of $600, it could be yours!


That’s just a few of the highlights, head over to the profiles in history web site to check out the full listings for yourself!

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