SDCC 2017: Funko Reveals Wave 6

Hey guyz!!! Isaiah is back and talking about MORE Funko reveals from today, Friday the 16th of June. This wave, Wave 6, is focused around TELEVISION and Pop!s. There is a little something for everyone in this wave!



Black Lodge Cooper & Laura!

Another Pop! 2-pack this year for SDCC. This time featuring Twin Peaks: Black Lodge Cooper/Black Lodge Laura. It looks like this is going to be a shared exclusive, and a lot of you are happy about this! I know a lot of you guys are Twin Peaks fanz which is awesome 🙂


I, personally, have never seen this show.. I know, I have heard it before.. I am missing out. I really like how they’re doing the eyez on them! That Black Lodge effect. From my understanding there is 2 universes separated by the Red Room, the Black Lodge and the White Lodge. Black Lodge is evil and darkness, while the White Lodge is a place of goodness. In the Black Lodge, their eyez are like foggy and I absolutely love the eyez on these Pop!s. Great opportunity for different eyez and they took it! Cooper spilling the “frozen” coffee is a great scene to focus this Pop! on. Great job, Funko! Now to go watch the show. Hahaa.



Dr. Who: Clara

Another Dr. Who SDCC exclusive a couple years later! Very interesting. Haha. It looks to be only a Limited Edition. I know you Dr. Who fanz are excited about that. Good luck trying to get your girl, Clara!


“The One Mystery Worth Solving”. She looks exactly like Jenna Coleman (the actress of Clara). There is not much to this Pop, it kind of looks like she should be in the movie “Clueless” hahaha. I am sorry Dr. Who fanz… Another show I have never seen… But, it does look like a good Pop! and I heard she is a favorite character. What do you guys think about her?



The Tick (GITD)!

The Tick is here and ready to save the world! He looks to be a limited edition for SDCC 2017. Most likely going to be available at a local retailer near you or online.

Maybe Amazon?


So… this is a strange one. I am surprised they are doing Pop!s of literally a brand new TV series on Amazon. Like.. come on. I feel like there are way more “more relevant” things that people have been wanting for YEEEAARRSS that they could have done as a SDCC exclusive for this year. Kind of disappointed with this guy, but it looks cool? The eyez look kind of wonky, or is that just me? The fact that it is a GITD one, makes me kind of realize that this probably is not the only one coming out for this show. Not a go for me.. but that is just me.. Any different opinions?



Elliot Masked!

Everyone knew this Pop! was coming out. I believe it is on the back of the current Mr. Robot Pop! boxes. It looks to be a Limited Edition to be available to most of us outside of the Comic Con!


Elliot wear the fsociety mask! Definitely a dope piece, in my opinion. The mask is like the Monopoly Man crossed with a Guy Fawkes V for Vendetta movie mask. I really really like this Pop! and the show is dope! It is the same body as the Elliot common/chase. I really enjoy the dynamics of the face on this figure. It looks really really sick!



Mr. Clarke!

Mr. Clarke has arrived to the lineup! It seems to be a Limited Edition, hopefully available to most of us! Barnes & Noble maybe? Hot Topic? Is this one making your pickup list from the waves so far?? 🙂 Let us know!


MORE STRANGER THINGS POP!S 🙂 Happy??? I am sure you are lol. He looks to be holding his explanation of alternate dimensions using a flea, an acrobat, and a paper plate. I love the little drawing on the paper plate 🙂 Looks exactly like the show’s explanation! I feel like they should have done a slimmer head and bigger mustache though. Those are my only gripes with this figure, but other than that, I think this is one all of the Stranger Things fanz are gonna need!



Steve has arrived, Stranger Things fanz!! He looks to be Limited Edition, so available to most of us hopefully! I need this guy and I have been trying to stay away from Stranger Things Pop!s… Damn you, Funko!


Boyfriend of Nancy. I am glad Funko incorporated the baseball bat and his beat up face! This was his turning point and when he wasn’t such a jerk! I really, really like this Pop! and the details in him. His hair looks amazing and the bat with the nails in it, looks soooo sick! I really enjoy this Pop! 🙂 Stoked about this guy???




I kind of personally set this one to write about last. Hahaa. T-DOG has arrived!!! YYYAAAAASSSSS! He looks to be Limited Edition, so hopefully easily accessible for most of us! This is my ONE ABSOLUTE NEED SO FAR!


Robert “IronE” Singleton.. T-Dog… FINALLY! If you watch my YouTube channel, you know how much of a Walking Dead fan I am and this is a MUST HAVE for me and probably any Walking Dead fanz! I love how Funko is bringing the older obscure characters back! I still want a Lori, Beth (regular & hospital outfit), Zombie Sophia, and Axel. Haha. A little inside access to my wants and needs, Funko!! hahaa. But, I love how he is wearing his armor and holding the wrench. The head shape is T-Dog shaped and it is so perfect! I wish his mouth was open a bit to see that GAPPPP! hahaaa. I love this one though, as you can probably tell. 😀


Television wave and it’s spectacular 🙂 I definitely approve! What did you guyz think of it?? Let us know! Thank you for reading all thousand words of these articles 🙂 We really appreciate all of you! What are you hoping to see in these announcements?? We want to know!!

We love you guys!

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