Isaiahuntz Toy Hunting Video Up!


Click the YouTube button at bottom right of video to check out my channel!

This is my most recent toy hunt on my YouTube channel! Go check it out on my channel fam 🙂 Comment on my video and let me know you’re from the FrankenCulture fam! I appreciate all of you and love all the support you give us!

I had to go with this title just being YouTube is blowing up with his name and Logan Paul lmfao. But, other than that it is just another hunt of mine. A little bit of a weird one, didn’t find much!

If you like this, I will start putting my uploads on FrankenCulture after they’re up! I wanna know if you guyz go over there from here, so make sure to comment and let me know!

Hoping to do a little bit more than hunt videoz, unboxing and mail videoz. Like the occasional vlog or something like that? Toy reviewz? What would you wanna see??

We thank you for all your support and love!

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