Save Some Cash and Check Out These Deals!

So the other day we posted an article about some big savings from Sony. Now Sony’s deals are a little more impressive, including a gold PS4 with controller! Now there are a few other deals and saving out there, let’s talk about them.

h8jd6ki5gliizu6a8znvNow would be a great time for anyone to re-up their Xbox Live Gold membership. With the purchase of a 3 month membership, you will be getting a free copy of Rocket League! Now Rocket League by its self is usually around $25-$30, and a 3 month subscription is usually about $25. So basically you’re getting Rocket League absolutely free! The best part is that this counts toward digital AND physical copies of Xbox Live Gold!

H2x1_NSwitch_SuperMarioOdyssey    If you’re an Amazon Prime member and a Super Mario fan you’re in luck! Amazon Prime members will be getting small deal on Super Mario Odyssey pre-orders. A $12 discount is awarded at the checkout screen. Now it’s not much but now you can put that sweet 12 bucks to your Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo’s! Which Best Buy will have for $13 Pre-orders! Including Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Figures in Wedding Mario, Wedding Peach, Wedding Bowser, and more!

Lastly don’t forget about all the games that are up to 50% off on the PS store! I already mentioned Sony’s big saving but there are so many games that are discounted. Including games like Prey, Battlefield 1, and many more! Also Xbox has a few savings like Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate edition for $10! Now if you’re trying to get prepared for Battlefront 2 for cheap you can!

Now there are some more deals out there, but these i thought were probably some of the best I’ve seen. What do you guys think are you gonna take advantage of any of these deals? I know we will!


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