Funko SDCC 2017 Wave 5

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DC fanz, you are in for a treat!!

10 Pop!s, 4 Dorbz, and an action figure set! The biggest announcement thus far and a lot of people are loving this one! I gotta agree with them. There are some standouts and some not so much. Let’s take a closer look, shall we??



The Wonder Twins!

The Wonder Twins along with their space monkey, Gleek, have finally arrived to the Funko lineup! They look to be only a limited edition, so look forward to seeing this 3-pack at a local retailer near you!


I love that Zan and Jayna are fist bumping! Of course Funko had to include Gleek alongside them! Beginning on the Hanna Barbera series, they eventually took their extraterrestrial skills to the DC Universe! Transforming into water types and animals is their specialty. You better focus your inner Jayna and summon a cheetah to help you get this 3 pack, come SDCC 2017.



Red Batmobile Action Figure with Green Batman!

This Batman set is limited to 1,500 pieces. It is definitely going to sell out at the Con. Good luck to anyone wanting this piece, who is not going to the convention! You certainly have my prayers. Hahaa.


I absolutely love the box for this set! It just pops and speaks to me! The Batman and Batmobile are awesome as well. The details on the Batmobile are unreal. The little bat symbols on the rims and doors to the painting done and the windows with silver. I think this car looks sooo good! I feel like Funko can do sooo much better with these Reaction Figures. I am not sure if this is a Reaction Figure, but it sure seems like it is.

Do you think it’s a Reaction Figure??



Interplanetary Batman!

A new Batman, for you Batman fanaticz! You non-Batman peeps must be pissed. lmfao. Just kidding! This looks to be only a Limited Edition, so expect to be able to find him at least a little easier.


I kind of really love this Pop! The helmet on him is dope! I love the yellow hue to it and the hose to his belt. I love his metallicness (if that’s a word) of his outfit! The silver against the classic blue is sooo nice!!! It is like the older Batman Pop models and I really like the face of these types of Batmans other than the newer ones.



Batman (Blue Chrome)

ANOTHER Batman for you Batman haterz. Hahaa. This one is the same sculpt as the newer Batman’s more recently released with a leaner look and flowy cape! He is looking to be a Toy Tokyo exclusive for the 2017 San Diego Comic Con. Unsure as to whether this Batman will have a limited number or not. He will be available at the Toy Tokyo booth at the Con, I am sure as well as the Funko booth. Hopefully on when they make their releases also! Good luck fam!!


This Pop! looks awesome. I am really into the shine! And they kept the bat symbol intact!!! So damn amazing!!! Hahaa. I absolutely love it. It looks so cool to me! I mean there isn’t much to it, to be honest. It it just Blue Chrome with the bat symbol, but I like this sculpt and the shade of Blue. Unsure as to why they chose Blue? BUT, it was a good choice!



Justice League Bruce Wayne!

Justice League Pop!s being announced makes me that much more stoked for the new movie! Far away from now though… He looks to be only limited edition, hopefully we can find him at some of our local retailers!


Yes, you read correct! Bruce Wayne in the hizzouse! FINALLY!! He is holding his batarang, of course. I am so glad we are finally getting an older Bruce Wayne in his suit, of course there is Gotham Bruce Wayne as a boy. Just not the same! The suit looks like any other suit, but it is just that it’s OLD BRUCE WAYNE that is awesome! Grey-haired Bruce Wayne, and I love it!



Justice League Aquaman and Motherbox!

Another Justice League Pop! It is limited edition, most likely going to be available at local retailers on that Thursday! No limited numbers for this Pop! This Aquaman is very interesting.


I think this Pop looks pretty good! It looks like the same head sculpt as previous current Aquamen. The suit is updated due to Justice League and he is holding a Motherbox. Very interesting.. a machine of a box in a single palm. I am curious as to the story behind this Pop! I am excited to see this Justice League new movie coming out.



Suicide Squad Joker Batman!

Wow, actually surprising. I did not think they would add another to the Suicide Squad lineup but by golly they sure did. Hahaa. I enjoyed it at first, but there were too many and still too many Funko.. That might just be me though! I DO ENJOY THIS POP AND THE WAY IT LOOKS THOUGH! Just Suicide Squad? Haha. Summer Convention Exclusive meaning it will be a shared exclusive and available at local retailers!


Okay, this is a good looking Pop! The Joker teeth, you can almost tell he is under there. I love the shade of green they decided to go with. The details with the card suits on the belt! The batarang of course. It is just the same Batman sculpt from the SS/BvS lineups, to my eyes, but it is a good looking Pop! I don’t know if I am going to be getting this guy…



Man Bat (Animated Series)!

Yeah.. 8! In 1 wave! And there is still more!! Another limited edition Pop! this wave. Most likely available at a retail store near you. They are really going for this Animated Series line. The Legion of Collector Corp box is Animated Series Batman I believe, also. Good luck getting this guy to complete your set!!


Man Bat’s (Dr. Kirk Langstrom) Pop! looks identical to the show character. Spot on Funko! I love how far the wings go back and how yellow and searing his eyes are! This is definitely a good looking Pop! I would not see myself purchasing this guy; however, because, I was never a fan of his.



Nightwing & Deathstroke Dorbz!

Limited to ONLY 1,500 PIECES! These 2 will definitely sell out at the Con.. And if not, I need them! This set is legit and I absolutely love the matchup.


These 2 look awesome! In my collection, I have the Arrow TV series Deathstoke’s. Both masked and unmasked. This looks to be the classic Nightwing and Deathstroke which is a definite must have for me! I love these 2 together in a 2-pack. Amazing! I love the mask of Nightwing and his collar, very nice touch Funko! The Deathstroke with his signature knot at the back of his mask looks sooooo dope! I am wanting this 2-pack back.. but it is limited 😦 and going to be especially hard to come by… Good luck everyone!



Ares has arrived! A lot of you called this one being a Con exclusive and were completely correct! Ares looks to be a limited edition, so will most likely be a shared exclusive and somewhat available to those of you wanting him! Very similar as the BvS last year, spoilers with this Pop, but F it. hahaa.


This is a nice looking Pop! I have not seen the movie yet (shame on me..) but I like the design of this figure. It is the same color throughout, like a gunmetal almost. There isn’t much to this Pop, other than it is a addition to the Wonder Woman lineup and a lot of people are excited for that. I just picked up my first Wonder Woman Pop (Diana Prince) and she is amazing! I love the design of all the Pops Funko is putting out for this movie. Just wish this was maybe a 6″ or a little more detail. Your thoughts?


Screenshot_20170614-154346Wonder Woman & Ares Dorbz 2-pack!

Another Dorbz 2-pack this wave. Which do you like more?? This set looks to be a Limited Edition, so hopefully we can see these at some shops in your local area! The first Dorbz from the Wonder Woman movie line!


I am pretty sure this is her beach training outfit with her shield, but as I said… I have not seen the movie YET! I know.. I am missing out, so I have heard.. but, I really enjoy this 2-pack! The braid of Wonder Woman looks good and her shield is the same shield from her Pop!s and so on, so of course that will look good. The Ares looks very similar the the Pop! above, but I really love how Dorbz can still capture the accuracy of his helmet and their outfits. I am really loving all these Dorbz!


What did you guys think of the DC wave from Funko for SDCC 2017?? It was a big, long one this Wednesday the 14th. But, I absolutely loved it! They had some good stuff for everyone, it seems like. From what I have seen, everyone has liked at least one different item from this wave and I love that! Funko goes with what they want and know at least some people will approve of it and that is all they care about! I love seeing these odd ball Pop!s and new Dorbz! I gotta say.. I am growing really really fond of Dorbz nowadayz!

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