Hands On at E3: Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

IMG_2299We’re at E3 and trying to get our grubby hands on everything we possibly can.  Next up was Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2!  If you’ve never played a Lego game, I feel very, very sad for you.  They are the some of the most fun, friendly games.  The Marvel series has been a fantastic addition to their universe.  Now you can run around as The Hulk or Rocket Raccoon!

This demo started innocently enough, you’re flying through space until you hear some jams.  “HEY, HEY WHATS A MATTER WITH YOUR HAIR”   The Milano comes into frame and we are rocking with the Guardians of the Galaxy!  You start off trying to get off the Milano as it’s under attack.  Gamora calls the ship a pig sty as there are studs laying all over the place, to which Drax answers “I do not see any pigs around”.  The writing of Drax is spot on as well as the other Guardians.  You eventually break out of the ship and hit the ground.

Image result for marvel super heroes 2 KANG

Kang shows up with a GIANT creature that now you get to take down.  The main thing I noticed was that they really amped up the level of destruction.  There is so much carnage and debris it’s amazing.  You get to use each characters special skill to complete an objective.  This include Drax running up the giants arm to smash something.  If your Starlord feel free to hold the circle button so you can rock out while you shoot everything around you (ala GOTG 1).  The cuteness and the gameplay will shine through the whole game.  Kang, during the demo, is sending baddies from all different eras.  As you’re taking care of the giant you’re also destroying cowboys and apemen (un sure if the are named ape).



Make sure to check out Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 when it comes out November 14th!

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