Hands On at E3: Detroit Become Human

IMG_2297We’re at E3 and trying to get our grubby hands on everything we possibly can.  We started off with “Detroit: Become Human”  First I’d like to say being from Detroit originally I was excited about something that takes place in future Detroit that doesn’t look like a war zone.  Quantic Dream, the developers of Heavy Rain, are also behind this.  If you played Heavy Rain I feel we will have the same type of cerebral decisions to make.

“Detroit: Become Human” takes place in futuristic Detroit, where we buy Androids like cell phones.  There are stores filled with them and talking up their newest features.  It’s a future some don’t think is too far off as technology becomes more and more advanced.  There will be three central characters that you’ll be in control of: Connor, an android police officer.  Kara, a newer android that has joined the rebellion, and Markus, the leader of the rebellion.

In the demo we played, you take control of Connor, an android tasked with deescalating a hostage situation.  You walk into a destroyed upscale apartment on Park street in Detroit with a hysterical woman being dragged out.  She begs you to save her daughter, realizes you’re an android and begins to scream about it.  You realize fairly early in the demo that androids are looked down on.  You talk to the police captain, and he force feeds you attitude as you try and learn more about the situation.

This first thing I noticed is the transition from cut scene to gameplay is almost non existent.  Connor stood there motionless until I realized “hey dummy, move”.  The game play is very similar to Heavy Rain in terms of movement, looking for clues to pop up and scan.  Acting as Connor you can scan pieces of the environment or corpse and piece together details, then playing back the scenario that lead to it getting there.

As you go further into the apartment you get stats of how likely you are to negotiate a successful release of the hostage.  I happened to look at my neighbors TV and believe he failed rescuing the hostage, and I knew I HAD TO SAVE THAT LITTLE GIRL.  I went through the entire apartment finding clues about the android.  I put together crime scenes to find out the family had been planning to replace their current android.  I found out that the little girl and the android had become best friends.  All the while I was an android.  Why should I continue working for the police when they’ll just replace me at some point?  Why would I even care if this family stayed intact?

The demo itself was maybe ten minutes, but fantastic.  The graphics were superb and you could read the pain and anguish or pure hatred in every face.  I’m looking forward to this so much and I HIGHLY recommend it to you as well.


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  1. Can’t wait to get my hands on this! I know many people aren’t a fan of Quantic Dream’s stuff, but I loved Heavy Rain and Beyond – and Detroit looks simply awesome.


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