Hands on at E3: Blasters of the Universe

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We’re at E3 and trying to get our grubby hands on everything we possibly can.  We played Blasters of the Universe VR Bullet Hell!



Now I have never played any VR game, EVER.  As we walked the floor I saw this game being played and it looked amazingly fun.  There was no line so I was instructed on the hand controllers and put the head set on.

IT WAS AWESOME.  It took a little getting used to with the shield, actually putting in front of you or putting it to the side in order to block bullets.  But once I got going it was so much fun.  You’re standing off against Grand Master Alwyn, an smart mouthed villain who is unleashing hoards of aliens and monsters to take you out.  This being my first time using VR it took some time for me to get used to actually MOVING to get out of the way of some of the bullets.  I was fine with this learning curve because the games baddies were interesting to see and the attacks were varied.


I felt like such a bad ass hold the shield up in front of me and shooting off to the side.  I would be lying if I said turning my head to find a missile headed straight for my face didn’t spook me, as I would jump almost every time.  GM Alwyn would be there mocking me for getting hit, or cursing my name when I would shoot them out of the sky.  The demo ended with a boss battle that was awesome paired with the special gun that would charge through out the battle.  Pull the trigger and send missiles flying.  Once completed GM Alwyn spouts off some one liners “Yeah great job but it took me less time to actually make the game”


The game is in early access on Steam as we speak and I would recommend it for a fun, funny shooter.

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