SDCC 2017: Funko Wave 4


A pretty good selection of Funko Pop!s this wave. All cartoon related from Nickelodeon to South Park, interesting… Let’s take a good look at them, shall we?



The Coon!

He is finally a Funko Pop! He is looking to be a shared exclusive, not limited to any number! So, be excited 🙂 haha.


The trash dwelling vigilante! He is finally a Funko Pop! and I know a lot of you are excited about this one. I know a lot of you South Park fans have eyes on the Kidrobot figure of him, but this one is 1/5 the price haha. And equally as awesome, except not in a dynamic pose. He is ready to pounce though, even as a Funko Pop! This does look awesome, and I am not even a South Park fan.



Mint-Berry Crunch!

Another addition for you South Park fanaticz! Another shared exclusive for SDCC 2017, most likely going to be available for all of us not going to the Comic Con. I really like the new stickers for the 2017 Summer Convention exclusives!


He looks soooo smooth! HAHAA. Bradley Biggle’s alter ego, a part of Coon & Friends! Alien sent to earth to save it turned superhero?? This Pop! looks very cool! I don’t know much about his story, but he was bullied by Coon and realized his powers and later found out his story. Really cool character to pick to announce, Funko! Kudoz!



Baxter Stockman!

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fanz! Or just TMNT fanz in general! Baxter Stockman has arrived in his housefly state! Looks to be a shared exclusive! Not sure where this would be available though.. maybe Amazon? Usually where I see the TMNT SDCC exclusives.


This Pop! actually looks really, really good! The mad scientist in his housefly state! I am not sure his character properties in this series, but this Pop! looks awesome. Haha. I am hoping the wings are somewhat transparent and the different arms is a nice touch! I really like the eyes of this figure, they just pop!



Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Ren & Stimpy!

A Nickelodeon 2-pack is among us! And these guyz are limited to 2,500 pieces. This will most likely only be available at the con which is upsetting, but good luck to those of you who really want this set!!


Ren with Happy Helmet is here! The helmet is remote controlled and extremely hard to remove! Stimpy forces Ren to do his chores and almost drives Ren to insanity!! He even makes him dance to Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! Ren had to destroy the helmet with a hammer for it to calm down! This Pop! looks awesome 🙂 I love the look on his face and how beady his eyez are. It’s so funny and amazing! I wish this is an item that is somewhat easy to obtain after the Con..

Stimpy with Remote, of course he has the remote with the Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy 2-pack! That’s so awesome. I had to include the booty pic. It just had me cracking up! Haha. Stimpson J. Cat is an inventor and this is one of his inventions. It works! But, it’s not the nicest invention for the person under the helmet. Haha. I love the details on the remote the helmet together.



Catdog (Flocked)!

Catdog looks to be a shared exclusive! I love that new Flocked sticker. I think they should switch the pictures on the box because they are facing the other ways on the actual Pop!.. I don’t know, maybe that is just me! Good luck getting this one! Grab me one! 😉


Finally! I was wondering if they would come out with this. The only reason I haven’t gotten the regular is because I thought they would announce something like this! I am stoked for this one right here. My favorite of this wave! It looks sooo good! The noses/eyes not flocked. I love the attention to detail with things like that. This is a must-have for me, what about you?? Let us know!!

The End of Wave 4

What did you guys think of Wave 4: Cartoons? Interesting… A couple Nickelodeon’s and some South Park. Most likely the first of the Cartoon announcements. That can’t be it… Right..? What do you think of this format? Should I change it up every other? Let us know!

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      That is one of my latest huntz, let me know you come from the FrankenCulture fam!    Love you guys! Thanks for reading!

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