Devolver Digital’s E3 Press Conference Was Something… Different.

When companies take the stage at E3, you usually see a company head or lead designer. That’s exactly how Devolver Digital’s press conference started, that’s also where its stopped being a normal conference. With guns, blood, missing hands, and exploding heads, Devolver Digital (makers of Hotline Miami, Broforce and more) had one of the most insane and fun conferences of E3 so far.

1490366910818-rsz_ruiner_-_screen_10_1461230990 We quickly got to see a trailer for the futuristic hack and slash game named Ruiner. After that was where it went sideways (in a good way). This was more of a weird skit than a E3 press conference. With satirical jokes such as throwing money at a old computer screen (micro-transactions) or the “Earliest Access” where we can now get games as soon as they become an idea. The Conference wrapped up with “Chief Synergy Officer” Nina Struthers brain’s exploding all over the main stage.

For what its worth this was a fun breath of fresh air for everyone watching E3. It was comedic and made you laugh more than once. Its nice to see that Devolver Digital brought, the the same thing that made all there games great to there E3 show. I defiantly recommend checking it out, its only about 20 minuets long!

Hope you guys are all having as much fun as we are! Are you guys excited for Ruiner? Let us know your thoughts and comments on E3 so far!

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