Microsoft E3 Conference Review!

Lets get this out-of-the-way, if you wanted to make a drinking game this would have been the conference to do so. If felt like the words 60 frames per second and 4k (which was the first thing on-screen) were said almost in every sentence. That doesn’t take away from how great this conference was! Lets get into what was announced and shown off today.

Coming out the gates swinging, Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, made it official, the new addition to the Xbox family will be known as Xbox One X. Personally, it sounds a little bit similar to the S model but I digress. Referred to as the most powerful console ever made Xbox One X (XBX) will play in native 4K at a solid 60 FPS, and it will also be the first console to be liquid cooled. After all this was announced it became a tad repetitive, but hearing about how powerful this console is it was very surprising to hear that XBX will be the “smallest Xbox  ever!”. Now all of this can be yours on November 7th for a measly $499.00 and for most of us that’s a bit expensive but you’ll be saving money on accessories because all Xbox One accessories will be compatible with the XBX at launch! Not only is it strong, it’s also going to be making older games look great including games from the original Xbox! To the delight of the fans the backward compatibility program will now include original Xbox games!

How do you follow-up such a huge announcement? With the statement “Let’s see what this monster can do!” Immediately showing off the power of the XBX with a dependent game like Forza. Forza Motorsports 7 was announced alongside a new Porsche model (2018 911 GT2RS), back to the game for me nothing has really changed. Forza has always been a beautiful game, but now the have added small enhancements to the formula; such as, “Dynamic Puddles” that grow when there is rain on the tracks, and more shakiness to car parts such as windshield wipers, intake hoses, etc. Like I said nothing really changes with Forza. gallery-1463583489-1cc92786-77f4-4587-9de0-23fdc0082d16

When it comes to looks and graphics this conference was 2nd to none. Everything was shown off on the new XBX so everything looked beautiful, and speaking of beautiful Metro Exodus was announced. It looked amazing! A stunning postapocalyptic world that makes the old metro’s look boring, crazy zombie/monster animals just like before, but better looking and more diverse. I can’t wait to play the next installment to the Metro series. Metro was followed up quickly by one of my favorite franchises.metro-exodus

Ubisoft took a year off of the Assassins Creed series due to the repetitiveness of the games, which were very buggy and yearly installment made them feel very stale. The worst kept game at E3 was officially announced as Assassins Creed Origins. Just as previous leaks have said it will be set in ancient Egypt and you will play as the first Assassin in the brotherhood. This new AC looks great just like previous installments where the world is diverse and thriving. Very lively NPC’s walk the streets and interact to your character. New RPG elements have been added including some sort of leveling system and being able to loot dead enemies for their gear. With a October 27 2017 release date you can be sure I’ll be playing this game! Now from such a beloved franchise to a much newer game.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds has hit the PC world by storm. If you guys are familiar with Arma and DayZ you’ll get the concept of this game. A battle royal where your thrown into a multiplayer world where everyone wants to kill you. It will now be available exclusively on Xbox late 2017! Similar to this is The Darwin Project is another battle royal game and just like Player Unknown will be Xbox exclusive. scavengers-4

In a world where many people are wanting to play with their friends, but find they don’t have the same console. Game companies have tried to accommodate for that problem. Games like Rocket League have become cross-platform from Xbox One to PC and PS4 to PC, but now a new competitor enters this field. A game with one of the largest player bases will now be able to connect all of their players together. Minecraft will be the first of its kind by connecting all of its players together from PS4, Xbox, mobile, PC and everything else! So we look forward to see what other games will be able to actually hit the complete cross-platform capability that Minecraft has! Along with all of this Minecraft will be adding a new HD update playfully named the “Super Duper Graphics Pack” which is essentially a 4K graphics pack! Minecraft just got fun again! 81857151c6a939bd988c2187b1ac015d-super4

A lot of side scrolling/pixellated games were announced in 2 particular games, were The Last Night and The Artful Escape. The Last Night was much more pixellated and looked to be set in a futuristic Tokyo or other similar large city. While The Last Night seem more set on being a cartoon 3D Side scrolling platformer, and very psychedelic. I personally am not very into these kind of games but if I had to pick one the later would be my choice.

Tons of other games were announced including ones we saw last year. Cuphead, which is a game that feels like your playing in a 1930’s cartoon, finally got announced for a September 29, 2017 release. While one of my favorite games from last year’s E3 Sea of Thieves, which is a cartoon pirate simulator, is slated for an early 2018 launch. Much more was shown this year including exploring caves, digging up buried treasures, and different kinds of enemies. You can even board enemy ships by launching yourself through a cannon! You can be sure that the Frankenculture group will be made! f9c108bd-bf8d-42a0-91b8-33b5d411492d

With the resurgence of Dragon Ball in America, a new Street Fighter style fighting game named Dragon Ball Fighterz made its world premiere! It looked really fun especially if you’re into DB. It looks like the old Marvel vs Capcom games. I’m looking forward to it, and it’s also looking at a 2018 launch. A very Super Mario 64 style platformer named Super Luckys Tail also had it’s world premiere. You play as a cute fox in a cute and fun 3D world its look playful, fun and very promising!

Tons and tons more games were announce! Life is Strange 2 will be launching its first episode on August 31st, Crackdown 3 will be out November 7th,  and another one of my favorite’s of the show Middle Earth, Shadow of War will be out October 10th 2017! I’m not usually into Microsoft’s conferences, but they did great this year!

Other games from the ID@Xbox program were quickly gone over, but Xbox still shows its huge support of the indie dev groups out there. It’s nice to see the little companies out there get noticed from groups that made great games like Hello Neighbor and the funny Conan Exiles to other games and there’s a TON!

The last game they showed off was a new IP that was originally shown yesterday at the EA conference. Bioware’s Anthem! This game is said to really show off the power of the XBX which I stated before really made every game at the conference look amazing, but this one looks like James Cameron’s Avatar meets Destiny. The environments in this game are breath-taking. From an insane lighting storm at the end to amazing god rays swinging through trees. Now I say meets Destiny for a reason and personally it seems very influenced by it. From loot pick ups, different classes, and fire team-esqe groups. I’m very excited to see what other information we’re going to be getting on this one! Anthem-Game-Screenshot-1024x576

There is so much that came from this conference and I’m sure there is much more to see! With E3 continuing tonight and the next couple days, we cannot wait to see what’s to come next! Tell us what you’re thinking so far and what you’re most excited for!

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