The Mummy 2017 Review

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The Mummy 2017

Cinematic Universes are the big thing in Hollywood right now. Marvel revolutionized storytelling in film by creating a series of movies that introduced great characters that could reappear in other films without having to be a sequel. Since the first Avengers movie every studio has tried to create their own universe and the latest victim of this trend is Universal.

Universal has a legendary legacy of horror with their classic monsters and bringing those great creatures to life in 2017 is something I was genuinely excited for. However the film they produced is not a horror movie and shouldn’t even be called a Mummy movie for reasons I will get into. Needless to say in trying to rush out their Dark Universe they forgot the most important rule: Make a good movie.

The Mummy stars Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe and is directed by Alex Kurtzman. The movie follows a looter who discovers the tomb of the new female mummy and gets chosen as her vessel for this evil god to control his body. After a plane crash we get introduced to Russell crowe’s character who serves as the center of the new cinematic universe and captures Cruise and the Mummy. The ending then becomes a hot mess of events that make no sense and serve to set up the idea of “Hey you will see this character again and we will have a monster mash”. If it feels like the plot doesn’t make sense it’s because it doesn’t.

If you think the plot is hard to follow, the tone is all over the place. The movie doesn’t know if it wants to be a horror, action, adventure, or even a romance movie. Regardless as to what lens you choose to use the movie fails in almost every single category. There are no memorable characters and every scene is so disconnected from the next that it’s hard to call this a film.

One of the biggest sins a movie can do is not follow its own rules. The ending of this movie tries so hard to have a “good” ending that the movie ends up having no stakes and you have no reason to care. I’ll say this No character with a name dies in the movie.

With that being said what does the new female Mummy actually do in the movie. The answer is unfortunately, not much. It is very clear that this Mummy is only there to look good and give the male audience a look at her body every chance it gets. This movie had the courage to come out the weekend after Wonder Woman and it has two of the weakest female characters in film.

On top of not doing anything new or innovative, the film also tries to recreate moments from previous Mummy movies especially the 1999 Brendan Fraser movie and it does not work. This movie fails all on its own without being compared to its previous iterations but it’s important to understand that ultimately this movie has no reason to exist when it’s “best” moments are still done better in other movies.

In conclusion, The Mummy 2017 deserves to be forgotten and should serve as a warning for studios trying to create their own Cinematic Universe cash cows. The movie may have decent performances especially from Crowe but it’s boring plot combined with its inability to stick to a specific tone creates a movie that I cannot recommend.


Too many bad eggs in one basket


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