E3 Hopes: Far Cry 5

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E3 is right around the corner, and I’ll be there reporting on all of the chaos!  Over the next few days we’ll talk about what we’re hoping to see.


Stackhouse covered the controversy (or so called controversy) surrounding Far Cry 5.  Ubisoft gave us an amazing trailer at the end of May, and it did quite possibly the best thing it could have, sparked conversation.  People were either up in arms, or trolling the internet about the OBVIOUSLY evil cult full of white people.  Any press is good press!

Now the Far Cry series hasn’t necessarily changed over the past few titles, adding or removing certain gaming elements.  I’m more interested in the story for 5, for the first time we’re in AMERICA YEA!  USA USA USA USA USA!  I feel like the cult aspect will add something the earlier game were missing.  Imagine running through the woods of Montana avoiding wildlife, and suddenly a cult member jumps from a tree and on top of you.  The thing with crazy american cults, is you can make them totally insane (see Bray Wyatt).


I just want some hands on time with the game.  Any sort of demo that will tickle my interests.  The trailer seems to imply that the multiplayer will be an even larger part of than past games.  If you haven’t played Far Cry 4 with a buddy flying around on the little chopper, clearing bases like a boss, you’ve missed out.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that mini copter!

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