Marvel fanz! They’re here and it’s a damn good one!

Funko’s SDCC 2017 Releases (Wave 3) is ALLLLLLLL MARVEL!! It consists of 4 Pop!s and 1 Rock Candy of comic book favorites and 1 awesome MAJOR big screen billionaire playboy philanthropist! I gotta admit, all 5 Marvel items look absolutely amazing!

First Announcement of Wave 3


Gwenpool with her Selfie Stick!

She is only “Limited Edition”, meaning she will most likely be shared with local retailers, which makes me sooooo stoked!


I have all 3 Gwenpool’s already, 1 in box and 1 out of box… So yes, I have 6 Gwenpool’s right now! I’m DEFINITELY gonna do the same with this girl right here. She is ready to snap a shot of her whooping some ass! Her Toy’s-R-Us exclusive had the cellphone in her hand, and now a selfie stick attached. It is ridiculous, yet awesome at the same time. Haha. A+ for this one right here!

Second Announcement


Gwenpool Rock Candy!

This is the 2nd announcement in the Rock Candy family for SDCC 2017. She is “Limited Edition” making her, most likely, shared with local retailers. Rock Candy’s definitely are not as popular as other Funko products, but the 2 announced (so far) are definite for me!


She looks soooo sick! Her sheaths on her back are legit. She is seen chillin, ready to pounce! The detail on this Rock Candy looks unbelievable.. Her shine and color combinations are out of this world. I absolutely love this figure right here.. Might be biased because I love Gwenpool.. but F it. I’ll Probably will get 2 of her too….. FML.

Third Announcement


Red She-Hulk!

Making her Funko debut!! Red She-Hulk looks awesome! She is a “Limited Edition”, most likely shared with retailers around you when they are released!


Her eyes Pop! (no pun intended) like no other! Bright, bright yellow against the dark red and black in her outfit and hair. Unbelievable! FUNKO DOES IT AGAIN, WITH AN AWESOME LOOKING POP! Her hair is amazing, with the red and black mixing together. It looks to be a very similar sculpt to the regular She-Hulk (regular and glow). There may be some differences, I am unsure personally. But, she looks amazing!

Fourth Announcement


Captain America (Bucky Cap)!

In the snapshot from Funko, he has the shared exclusive sticker for this SDCC 2017. It looks to be available to us who aren’t going to Comic Con.. He looks to be a “Limited Edition” no limited to any number.


He looks to be very similar to other Cap’s. He has black eyes though, which is pretty cool. Haha. Don’t know if the shield is removable. I do enjoy those. His suit looks so dope with the black on the Captain America suit. I love the way this Pop looks! I am not the biggest Cap fan, so this is probably my least favorite of this wave, yet it is still a dope piece!

What do you guy’s think of him?

Final Announcement of Wave 3


Tony Stark with Helmet in Hand (Spider-Man Homecoming)!

Looks to be only a “Limited Edition” and will likely be available to us peeps not going to San Diego for this amazing Con going on… This is an addition to the already sought-after “Spider-Man Homecoming” wave of Pop!s and he is an amazing addition, if I may say so myself.


Tony Stark in his nice everyday clothes holding his super powers in one hand, his Jarvis helmet. It looks to be a little metallic on the paint job of the helmet, which is a sick detail. I already love the regular Tony Stark with his cat shirt in the commons of the “Spider-Man Homecoming” wave of Pop!s, and now they go and add this guy.. He is more of a priority for me now. I wonder if the inside of the helmet can be seen.. Can’t wait to find out! Same head sculpt as the common, but the body and its accessories make up for that. Hopefully, the helmet paint apps are spot on!


What was your favorite from this wave? I am definitely a little more Marvel than DC and this wave reminds me why I love Funko and their Marvel Pop!s, they are so creative and amazing. I love every one announced today!

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