E3 Hopes: Borderlands 3

E3 is right around the corner, and I’ll be there reporting on all of the chaos!  Over the next few days we’ll talk about what we’re hoping to see.


We’re talking about Borderlands 3!  We here at Frankenculture LOVE Borderlands, and the thought of Borderlands 3 has us drooling.  Gearbox has given us a taste of BL3 with a tech demo that they showed off at PAX East this year.  The highlight reel goes over the details of what they are getting into.  The game still hasn’t been “officially announced” so hopefully this year we get a “Spider-Man-esque” announcement during the Sony presser.  The PS4 was made for BL3 and hopefully we’ll get a chance to up the amount of people in one session.  Imagine taking on a giant badmutha with six or seven of your buddies.  They could still limit each character to 4 (as the New-U station cannot handle more than that), giving some new dynamics to the game.  Fingers crossed!

Watch the video of Randy Pitchford talking about BL3:


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