Movie Review: Nerds of a Feather

Writer/co-director/producer/star Mario Romeo Milano created something special for you. This is the artifact he left behind. The 1980’s irritated him in a singular way, and this pearl was formed. A pearl of talking dogs, slapstick, accents, little people, and plaids. Buckets fall upon heads, skirts are up-looked by dogs, thongs are seen, art happens while we are busy making other plans. Non-Euclidian acting. What is nerd? Nerd is human.

Struggling, maintaining narrative coherency. Rest. Recover.

[ He pauses. Eyes lose focus, are not seen to blink for next 65,535 seconds. Lights in the room dim, flicker in apparent sympathy with heartbeat of patient codename StudentCouncilPrez. Normal aspect regained at t+18.5 hours. ]

These movies only suffer when the plot is described, because most of the value is in the surprise/shock of what are you seeing.

Mario Milano really likes Benny Hill, little people, roller skates, himself. I know who I want directing a live-action Rude Dog and the Dweebs movie. His name is Mario Romeo Milano. And I wrote that before I realized that the dog is named Lampshade because he’s a party animal!

Watch the whole movie on YouTube.

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