Wave 2 of Funko’s SDCC 2017 releases is pretty sick if you are into Scott Pilgrim vs. The World! We have 3 Pop!s, 3 Dorbz, and a Rock Candy! And my.. oh my… They are all absolutely SPECTACULAR!♥ Let’s look at them..

Did you guys know it took Edgar Wright 6 years to agree to direct this movie.. Wild..



Scott Pilgrim with the Sword of Destiny!!

This specific Funko Pop! will be limited to 2,000 pieces, so it is most likely going to be strictly at the San Diego Comic Con. So, if you’re going scoop one up because I am sure they will go quick!


The Sword of Destiny looks so intense and awesomely amazing! How you can still see the silhouette of the sword AND you get the flame effects. It is awesome. They should have done some kind of 8-bit flame or something. Haha. That would be overkill. He is seen just in his green tee and jeans rocking the heat! Literally. This is a lovely piece!



Nega Scott with the Sword of Destiny!!

Nega Scott is only a limited edition! So, we may see him at local retailers. I prefer this one more than regular Scott, so hopefully it’s a SCORE! haha.


Nega Scott is the same exact sculpt as the Scott Pilgrim with the Sword of Destiny. HOWEVER, he is completely Black & White with Red eyez!

He looks absolutely sick! The silhouette of the sword is more visible (in the Funko pic) and you have the same tee and jeans just in B&W. Both hands gripping the sword to beat some ass! They captured him perfectly! Props to Funko with another Homerun!



Roxy Richter!

Ex #4, the ONLY GIRL of Ramona’s ex’s.. She is limited to 2,500 pieces, packs a mean punch, and loves when you touch the back of her knees. Haha.


Roxy Richter looks exactly like in the movie. I wish more of just a bra was hanging out (for movie authenticity, not my own satisfation SICKOS), but her outfit looks on point! I really wish they had her bely extended and like wrapping around her body. Maybe something like the Mei Overwatch updated Pop! How the waves and stuff are around her, I wish they had dynamic accessories around a whole Pop! Would have been perfect. Missed opportunity or am I jumping the gun?

I love the eye paint and everything else about this Pop. It is definitely the weakest link of the Wave 2 announcement and it is still an awesome piece.

Fourth Announcement


Ramona Flowers Rock Candy!

My.. oh my… Ramona Flowers Rock Candy looking oh sooooo sweet! She is limited to only 1,250 pieces which makes me soooo very sad… Definitely selling out at the Con and will not be available through retailers. Maybe select online retailers, but that is usually only if overflow from Con.


This is probably my FAVORITE Rock Candy to be released to date.

She looks incredible. The detail in her outfit and hair and the angle of her skates and hammer. She just whips that big ass hammer out of her tiny bag like Hermione on Harry Potter and it is AWESOME! To me, this is absolutely breathtaking. IT IS A MUST HAVE FOR ME.. so if you’re going to SDCC hook ya boy up!! 😉 Hahaa. Only half kidding..

I love this Rock Candy and I just met it..

Last Announcement in Wave 2 of SDCC 2017


Scott Pilgrim Dorbz 3-pack (Sword of Destiny, Nega Scott, & Bass Guitar Scott)

Funko going back to the Dorbz 3 pack this SDCC (Batman & X-Men in 2016)! This one will not be at your local GameStop sadly… This is limited to ONLY 500 PIECES. This here 3-pack will most definitely be sold out at the Con and will break many hearts, I am already knowing.

Michael Cera your bae? This is probably for you. Haha.


Scott Pilgrim with Bass Guitar is so awesome! I love how they were able to incorporated the bass guitar with him. He looks so happy about to hop on stage and jam out with sex bob-omb haha. This is my favorite Dorbz out of the 3-pack, if I had to choose just 1. His hair sculpt is awesome. It is amazing how they put so much detail in such little figures. I love it.


Scott Pilgrim with Sword of Destiny is an awesome piece, just like his Pop! above! He is dressed exactly the same as the Pop! with the sword in 1 his right now, instead of both. You still get the flame effect with this Dorbz. I am unsure if you are able to see the sword silhouette under the flames, but I do not see why it wouldn’t be. I would be more surprised if not. He looks so cute though 🙂


Nega Scott is real simple. He is the same sculpt as the other Scott Pilgrim Dorbz, but does not have anything in his hands. I wish he had the Sword of Destiny as well, but he does not for some reason. It is the same outfit as the Nega Scott Pop! I love the hair on these Dorbz, they are really really really good! Props Funko!

That concludes Wave 2 of Funko’s SDCC 2017 releases. It was focused on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and if you are a fan, you are a happy camper unless you can’t go to Con.. Then you and your wallet are just sad.. I wish the Scott Pilgrim Pop!s weren’t so limited. They’re either Comic Con or Funko Shop exclusives, weird… except for Nega Scott Pop! hopefully..

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Stay nerdy my friendz and keep on the prowl for them toyz!!

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