Wipeout Omega Collection

June 7, 2017 Anti-Gravity League fans are able to return to the blistering fast tracks in PS4’s Wipeout Omega Collection! Grab a Red Bull and strap in for Mach speed racing, against opponents armed to the teeth in this collection of the last 3 entries in the series: PS3’s Wipeout HD, Fury and PS Vita’s Wipeout 2048!


For the uninitiated, the Wipeout series debuted on the Original PlayStation as one of the launch titles (in Europe on September 29, 1995 anyway). Developed and published by Psygnosis, a company based in Liverpool (and later absorbed into Sony), the game featured a very distinct art style, soundtrack in addition to its chaotic gameplay. It has sense spawned several sequels, with at least one per every home console and handheld ever released, with the exception of the PlayStation 4. A beta version of the game was shown being played in the movie HACKERS between rivals Crash Override/Zero Cool and Acid Burn. Unfortunately Sony shut down Studio Liverpool (formally Psygnosis) in 2012, ending the legacy right there!

The Omega Collection features arguably the greatest the series has to offer. It features the most modes, tracks and vehicles that any entry before it. Wipeout HD was already a sizable game on its own, but was later enhanced by FURY, which realistically was a DLC rather than a stand alone game. The final series entry, Wipeout 2048, was unique in that it was a Vita title but could also perform Cross-Play with the PS3’s HD/Fury games. Omega will unsurprisingly feature updated visuals, like 4K HDR on PS4 Pro.


If you like your gameplay FAST, your weapons EXPLOSIVE, and your music BUMPING, grab a copy and prepare to zone out!

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