S-Town Podcast

If you’re a fellow podcast fanatic, give S-Town a listen. It’s a fantastic long form investigative podcast centered around a mysterious and interesting man who is concerned about an alleged murder in his small Alabama town, but it ends up with someone else dead, a conflict and a search for hidden treasure.

You can find the official website over here: https://stownpodcast.org/

[Spoiler Alert – don’t continue any further if you haven’t listened to the podcast]

I recently finished listening to the series and got curious about what the town and some of the people that are the focus of in the podcast look like, so I went about searching the web to put some places and faces to their descriptions and voices.

Below is a list of what I found, as a means of convenience to anyone else who may be interested without having to do all the searching:

A number of photos of people and places involved in the podcast:

Aerial video of John B McLemore’s Maze:

The sundial John B McLemore made for his old university professor:

Jimmy Hicks: 

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