Movie Review: Wonder Woman

2017 has no shortage of superhero movies, that’s for certain! We started off with the very awesome Logan, and this weekend gives us Wonder Woman! This movie has been a long time coming, but we finally get to see one of the more quintessential heroes of not just the Justice League, or DC comics, but just comics in general! Before I go into my review (avoiding spoilers the best I can), let me say I really REALLY enjoyed this movie!

While most will agree, that DC has some of the most Iconic heroes to have ever graced the pages of comics, many will argue that their cinematic track record has yet to reach the level that Marvel has held over the better part of the past decade! This can be attributed to a number of factors, but I won’t point fingers! I want more successes and less failures. I’m personally not a big fan of Origin movies, but I will say I did like Man of Steel for Superman. Batman v Superman did a fairly good job of introducing Batman (lol)
as well as start the hype train for Justice League! But Wonder Woman did…. Wonders, for our titular hero! Outside of comics, and the animated series and movies, you don’t
really get much insight into her story. This movie did that role justice!

The movie begins with a very young Diana, living among her Amazon sisters on Themysceria. Diana immediately shows an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and is more than a handful for her caretakers. She’s told of the history of the Gods and their battle against the God of War, Ares. Also of the purpose of the Amazons, and their duty
to Man. But learning this only inspires her more, to be a warrior of justice! Against her mother, the queen Hippolyta command, she secretly begins to train in the art of combat. Before long, a chance encounter with a British spy, Captain Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) sets her on the path to destiny!

Diana’s naivete make her adaptation to the world of Men, awkward early in. But, it also provides plenty of comedic situations and wasn’t too overplayed. Her sole desire is to
go straight from Point A to Point B, kill Ares (whoever/wherever he may be), and end War. Cpt. Rogers tries to explain to her the complications of the world she is now in, but
it’s not long before they find themselves on a worthy mission to save lives. After recruiting a group of men of questionable character (remember the picture Bruce Wayne sent her in Batman v Superman?), they go behind enemy lines. Along the way, Diana takes on an impossible fight, and earns her moniker Wonder Woman through her actions. She smashes through the enemy, with her powers and abilities constantly manifesting themselves.


Once Diana comes face to face with Ares, more of her origin is revealed, and one of the best 1v1 fights (at least in DC movie history) takes place! The CGI used for Ares is
questionable, and kind of took away from the epicness of this fight. Regardless, it was a epic fight, enough to make me wonder why she didn’t stomp Doomsday in BvS! There
are some unresolved plot threads, more than likely reserved for a sequel or a tie-in in another movie. But at the end of the day, I will say Wonder Woman established herself
very well. And now, more than before, takes her proper place along side Batman and Superman (RIP >.>). The movie was well paced, had some characters that could have used more background. It wasn’t as dark and gritty as the previous Batman and Superman outings have been thus far. I feel like this is possibly the best DC movie leading up the the Justice League so far. I’m kind of disappointed we don’t have origin/introduction movies for the other members BEFORE the JL movie comes out later this year, but oh well!

Go out! Go see it! Just, don’t stick around after the credits start to roll, as there is no post credit scene (sob). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


  1. I loved this movie and it took what easily could have been an in your face feminist approach (much like the last pirates movie constantly reminding us of the map no man can read), but instead, took the high road and showed us that a woman can do anything a man can. No Man’s Land? No comment, just gets up and does it. Love that about Wonder Woman. No need to say you can, just show you can. Also, I want to win one your contest!!!

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    1. I totally agree with you! This movie could have easily gone a “Girls can too!” Route, but it did an awesome job of coming off well balanced! I’ve been having a hard time supporting D.C. films as of late, but Wonder Woman gives me a glimmer of hope that this franchise can do a great job in the future with character portrayals!


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