Far Cry 5 Controversy?

      Far Cry 5 was announced a whole 3 days ago! Ubisoft’s newest installment in the franchise! We have gotten to see some screenshots, teasers, and a trailer. With all that information some people thought “This looks awesome! Can’t wait!” I can say those were my personal thoughts. However, some people didn’t think that way.

     After the first images and teasers came out some people starting saying that this game is a “white genocide simulator”. After reading these reports, I have some stuff to say. Far Cry has always been a game that dealt with difficult subjects, such as being an outsider that ends up being the deciding factor in a civil war (Far Cry 4). What is different this time is that we are going to be in America! More specifically it will take place in a rural area of Montana where we will be taking on radical religious extremists.

      Now when you look down the long list of video games and think of villians, who do you think of? I think of Shepard (CoD), Bill Williamson (Red Dead), Dr. Breen (Half-Life 2), and even corrupt federal agent Devin Weston (GTA 5). Now when you look at those villains you can say all of them were great characters, but what do they all have in common? They are all white Americans! That didn’t cause anyone to think that these games had a negative agenda towards this specific group. Just like I don’t think that it’s the other way around. I think that a video game is a video games. It shouldn’t ruin your day because of the enemies we’re killing, or who or what you’re playing as.

       I think that getting worked up over killing virtual people in a virtual world is frivolous! Calling a game a simulator to kill white people is insanity. Especially when you think about the long history of gaming. I think what people should mostly take away from this is that playing video games is a hobby that you can do for fun. If you don’t like murdering people play a different type of game. Also, I think that if you play this game and get upset, you’re looking at the context too deeply. Just play it and have fun or move on to the next game!

      Far Cry 5 the 4th instalment to the main story devoloped by Ubisoft. Will be lanched 02/27/2018 are you guys excited? Let us know tell us what your thoughts on the game are!

Far Cry 5: Official Announce Trailer

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