FrankenSteiner is not Irish; Happy St Patty’s day!!!

Marty is back in this weeks episode with Cliff and Julie. We had a plan to talk about stuff… but we got sidetracked and it barreled out of control into something fun and unscripted! Enjoy! Advertisements

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Hello guys!!! This stopmotion series will be a weekly episode that will show every week!! And it will consist of crossovers between different hero franchises!!!! People have always wondered what the super hero world would be like if Dragonball, Marvel, DC, Super Sentai, and etc would be like if they all collided!!! The video down

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Hello everyone!! I know a butt load of you have watched a review on the Mafex Spiderman, but I just did this video really to make a stopmotion video!! So come join me down below for this epic video!!

It Used To Be Better Episode 16: The Wizard

We watched Fred Savage and Jenny Lewis in 1989’s classic “The Wizard”. April finds out what the power glove is and Steve names video games! It’s so cool, it’s bad!   Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on Stitcher!  We’re on Spotify! And Googleplay!

The Thorn, The Cursed Hand Cannon is Back!

The most evil hand cannon in the Destiny universe is finally back, the cannon that was once held by Dredgen Yor, and one of the most well-known weapons of sorrow. The Thorn has returned in Destiny 2! As of yesterday the gun is available as an exotic quest, and what a quest it is. Now this

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